A Slytherin Boy if ever I saw one ….. Stephen J. Brightman!

The Grand Hotel in Hartlepool had a visit from Hogwarts yesterday when Harry Potter Parties entertained 7 young guests in the Jackson Room. I set off with Hagrid’s dog at 9 o’clock in the morning for the 5 hour trip and we spent all day bringing a touch of Hogwarts to Swanston Street, ready for the evening start at 8 o’clock!

At 11 o’clock in the evening, everything had been packed away in our room. At half past midnight there was a knock at the door and the night porter, Stephen J. Brightman, woke me up to announce that Hagrid’s dog was not allowed in the room, despite having been in the hotel all day and performing for our young guest wizards.

I was left with no alternative but to pack everything into my Jaguar and set off at half past one in the morning for a sleepless 5 hour trip through the night, arriving home at dawn. I have contacted the hotel manager, Craig, and have been offered an apology and a thoughtful cash offer for compensation  which I shall forward to our local animal shelter!

Stephen J Brightman at Grand Hotel Hartlepool



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