Party Packages

Our Hogwarts professor performs for children of all ages and will vary his performance to best suit the audience at your party. Please allow plenty of  time for him to set up the life sized cutouts of the Harry Potter characters …. the Hogwarts posters …. the prize table …. the magic show …. the music & disco lights and everything else to make your child’s party a day to remember! As a guide we recommend that you take a look at the suggestions below …..

For young wizards up to 6 years old the magic show features our Hogwarts school professor as a magical storyteller who uses tales of Harry Potter to guide the boys & girls in their first steps at Hogwarts! They’ll learn wand waving techniques and be amazed as the magic happens right before their eyes! They’ll test their new found skills to make a toy rabbit change colour and the birthday child will perform magic in front of their friends in a great finale for dad’s iPhone ….. your child could be on twitter within minutes and trending by bedtime! The games would be music based & parents are welcome to join in with the fun.

For older wizards up to 10 years old the magic show becomes a bit more daring as volunteers are selected to perform with our Hogwarts professor! The guests will be sorted into their houses by the Sorting Hat and there will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in our Potions Class as Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy & Harry Potter try to outwit the head of Slytherin house! Test your spell casting techniques with a Hogwarts bedtime story for Fluffy the three headed dog and enjoy our junior disco to finish the party.



For wizards up to their teenage years things start to get spooky and dangerous as we explore the world of Hogwarts ghosts! There’s even a chance to let dad have a try at performing as the ghost of Gryffindor house ….. Nearly Headless Nick. This beheading illusion, a particular favourite of Mr Filch the Hogwarts caretaker, uses a guillotine and combines danger & excitement with great entertainment but we advise that any parent who wishes to volunteer should have a really good sense of humour. The junior disco will feature games and the boys and girls will practice their dualling skills quite harmlessly in our “Battle for Hogwarts “!

As an optional extra you could treat your young witch or wizard and have Daniel Radcliffe’s stand in double come to your party in costume as Harry Potter. Luke has been voted the best Harry Potter lookalike in the world ….. he even sounds like Harry Potter ! He is a professional member of Equity and the prestigious Magic Circle and has been performing for over 10 years.

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