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The birthday child will receive a gift from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter merchandise store. It could be a Hogwarts tumbler, a pack of Harry Potter playing cards or a replica chocolate frog as featured in the first film! The birthday child will also receive a DVD that’s not available to the public …… it’s a guide to the locations used in the Harry Potter films hosted by BBC Click’s presenter,┬áL.J.Rich !


A whole range of fun sized chocolate such as Maltesers, Flakes, Milky Way or Twirl bars are used as throwaway gifts during the party.For those young wizards who don’t have a sweet tooth, we also have post card sized photos of the Harry Potter stars as throwaway gifts too!


Volunteers chosen during the party can choose from a range of 12×8 inch glossy stills of the Harry Potter film stars or giant Cadbury’s chocolate bars.Hermione Granger favours the chocolate prizes as both her parents are muggle dentists!

The tumbler is finished in stainless steel with a dishwasher safe faux leather lining …. ideal for Butterbeer as well as muggle drinks! The playing cards feature a different Harry Potter film actor on each of the 52 cards …. please remember that not even Slytherin wizards are permitted to use the Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck potion to win when playing cards!

harry potter playing cardsHogwarts Travel Tuimbler









At the end of the party, all the young guests can pick their favourite post card size cast photos to take home …. there are nearly 50 to choose from!

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